$390  Special Pricing for Bankruptcy Appraisals


If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy appraisal report will likely be required for any real estate that you and your spouse own. This is the case for both chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcy.

It is important that the appraisal that you get is accurate and accepted in court. There are several different types of reports to choose from and if the judge finds the original report to be unacceptable you will not only have to pay for a second appraisal but you may also have to pay your attorney additional fees to go back to court.

At Correct Appraisals, we specialize in providing affordable options in this trying time without skimping in any way on the accuracy of the report.

You won't find a higher quality appraisal for this affordable a price anywhere in the San Diego area.

Please call us any time at 619-269-7673 to discuss the particulars of your situation.  We are here to help.